Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gentleman Start Your Engines!!!

I have never really had the desire to go see the number one sport in america in person, yes if you can believe it Nascar is America's # 1 sport....

We were hanging out down by the river a few months back which is by Phoenix International Raceway, it was a Saturday, no races were scheduled but we heard the racecars going and thought it would be cool to see if we could get in to check them out, we thought Jonah would like them.

It turns out that some weekends they let people pay to drive them. For a bargin price of $109 dollars you can sit in the passenger seat of one of these beauties for 3 whole laps, yes you read that right 3 laps that probably go by in 2 minutes or less. They have packages that go all the way up to 3,999 for 70 laps over 2 saturdays of driving and of course you are the driver! If you could afford that I would say you had a lot of money to burn!!

It was kind of cool to see, we were right on the race track. I can not believe how loud these things were and now I never have to spend my money to go see one of these races because I truly have no desire... but Jonah thought it was pretty cool!! Jaxton not so much, the lound noise scared him:(!

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